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Packaging & Waste - Serabeena answers with re-usable Craft Kit Boxes
12 Nov 2010

Even though packaging plays an important role in presenting a product on a store shelf, it creates an enormous amount of waste. The consumer buys the product, takes it home and simply throws away the encasement, which accounts for a substantial portion of the total content. Hopefully, some of the packaging will be recycled, but it is still wasteful because it has a very limited lifespan.

E-Commerce poses a new set of problems for packaging waste reduction. The consumer has already purchased the product and does not need the packaging normally meant for store shelves.


Photo via of NYTimes

Recently however, Amazon has made an effort to reduce the use of unnecessary packaging with their “frustration-free packaging” campaign. They encourage companies to provide them with packaging more suitable for e-commerce.


Case in point – just look at the mountains of packaging used to deliver one small Pyrex bowl (hint: the bowl is the small thing on the lower left).

When designing the Serabeena packaging, we were inspired to create packaging that could be re-used in some way.

Our answer: All the craft kit boxes were given a simple design and made of super sturdy corrugated cardboard so that they could be easily used again to store craft materials, stationery or whatever clutter needs organising.




In comparison to store packaging, which has no other use other than to hold the product until you buy it, our products offer hassle-free and sustainable option for waste conscious parents.

Glitter Boxes are available exclusively through the Serabeena online store. Glaze the collection of treasure boxes with the glitter glue pens jammed packed with sparkly confetti. While the glue is still wet, add puffy, satin stars and brilliant gemstone rhinestones. Use them to keep little treasures safe.


Make Your Own Glittery Treasure Boxes

Each craft kit includes 6 different shaped boxes, an assortment of 6 confetti glitter glue pens, rhinestones, puffy stars and instruction leaflet.

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